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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

An ordinary morning in Stratford Shopping Center (London) can turn into the tastiest culinary plant-based travel of your life.

Yesterday morning, I went with my friend to Stratford to look for clothes. Although I do not really like shopping centres, I still enjoy going with friends and being a good companion who's able to give advice. After a couple of hours around, we started to feel down. It was time to EAT. We quickly went to the second floor where the majority of food kitchens are placed.

I was already thinking to order my usual vegetables noodle soup when I saw an attractive pinky place with a green label stating NEAT BURGER. I quickly understood the place would have been vegan or plant-based and after I asked my friend if he agreed to eat vegan food I run into the menù ( The menù is clear, organized and complete. It is simply sustainably lush.

As I love the fish taste, I ordered a fillet-no-fish bowl. The bowl is well presented with Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, crunchy fish-no-fillet and vegan mayo on top. As I am on diet, I decided to order the bowl to avoid eating the bun which is usually high in calories. However, I ordered some dirty sweet potatoes fries as a side.

The culinary experience passes through the colours, as well.


The 'Neat Burger' chain has been launched by Lewis Hamilton, the Formula Uno World Champion. The Neat Burger championed itself as veganism's answer to the mass market fast food with a scalable model and plans to expand the concept globally. Hamilton’s co-investors are the Italian entrepreneur Tommaso Chiabra – one of the first backers of the US vegan burger maker Beyond Meat – and Ryan Bishti, who owns the Cirque le Soir nightclubs in London, Manchester, Barcelona and Mykonos, and is also redeveloping Soho’s iconic Windmill club.

What really captured me about the founders is their objective. THEY ARE NOT AIMING FOR VEGANS OR A PLANT-BASED NICHE, BUT THEY ARE AIMING TO CONVERT MEAT-EATERS. This means that they are part of a movement happening when we look at the world today in the Amazon with deforestation for crops and agri-farming. For them investing in the Neat Burger is a perfect way to make a change.

This is what you can read when you open the burger box.

Investing in food consumption choices is a great way to operate. From climate change to forest fires to human rights abuses, the global industrial meat industry leaves a trail of destruction all over the world. Millions of people's lives depend on a dramatic reduction in the consumption of meat and dairy.

So guys, if you go to Stratford again, give the NEAT BURGER a go. You, as my friend and I, will not be disappointed by the plant-based crunchy patty or a fish-no-fillet bowl or most of all by the colours this neat place offers to us.

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